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How To Attract More Signal Followers

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Becoming a signal provider is a very attractive option for experienced traders that want to increase their income from alternative sources. Practically, a signal provider just has to continue his usual daily activity while his revenue grows without any added effort. Followers choose a provider that suits their style and automatically copy his/her trades in their accounts, achieving his success in exchange for a fair commission.

But some signal providers might find it a little difficult in the beginning to build a network of followers that trust them enough. Although you are an excellent trader, with a solid performance and sustainable profits, becoming a successful signal provider requires a little bit more. It is true that you, as a signal provider, will be listed along other signal providers and that followers do have access to important data that demonstrate your performance, but how can you stand up if you are just a beginner or if you don’t have many followers?

The answer is simple: market yourself! It is true, you probably wouldn’t imagine yourself as Forex trading and marketing expert at the same time, but promotion stands at the base of each and every successful project. So, let’s get to the facts:

• Promote yourself and your activity on message boards, social networks, live activity streams, blogs and…wherever you can do it! Comment, start debates, ask questions, give advice and increase your visibility!

• Post links to your signal provider profile whenever you can.

• Use Twitter and Facebook! Many automatic signal services have social networking features and offer you the possibility to link your account to your Facebook or Twitter profile. Like this, any trade you make will be published on social networks with links to your profile.

• Use LinkedIn as well! Keep in mind that Twitter allows you to connect your account to LinkedIn profile. Each post will appear simultaneously on LinkedIn, where you can target a completely different audience that could have a higher interest in your profile.

• Send invitations! Forex social networking websites with automatic Forex signal services also allow you to invite friends to join the platform. Each time a friend receives an invitation, he will be automatically directed to your profile.

• Check comments about you on social networks or message boards. Make corrections if necessary and respond if you think someone is making false allegations about you! Reputation matters enormously for a signal provider so work on building it and maintaining it!

• Always post useful and correct information – data, news and comments that grab attention and make traders interest in you!

• Don’t exaggerate! Don’t start copying and pasting messages saying you are the best trader. They don’t help, but on the contrary – you might start being considered just spam.

• Have patience! Interest, trust and reputation take a long time to gain.

• Last, but for sure not least, learn the skills and tricks of Forex trading! Make mistakes as they are part of the learning process and BECOME A GOOD TRADER!

Source by Michael Richard Keith

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